Saturday, July 30, 2016

Live Long and Prosper

paingu by jason mordeno
Sorry to say, the chance to get a physical copy of Far Trek has transported away. No reason to fret because you can freely download PDF's of the game and adventures, just click on the downloads link on the right side of the page!

Having worked on and produced Far Trek since 2011, 2016 marks 5 years of trekking. I think it also appropriately, in true Trek spirit, is the end of the mission.

At this point I do not know if or when the opportunity to get a paperback copy will come again. With a professionally designed game coming soon, I am going to pause creating further Far Trek material for the time being...but who knows what the future may hold.

I very much appreciate those who share my passion for Far Trek and who get together and play it.  I am thankful as well for the the support of a few beers now and again--thank you very much!

I especially want to say thanks to great folks like Darren Bulmer, Joe Walerko and Michael Taylor who really went out of their way with time, effort and inspiration to help make Far Trek better.

Most importantly, I am very grateful to Mike Berkey and his fantastic original d20 microlite work Where No Man has Gone Before as the inspiration and genesis for Far Trek and also special thanks to the uber talented and incredible inspirational minis by David Okum.

Until the next mission, live long and prosper.
TREK14 by chirinstock


  1. That's sad to hear, but understandable. Thanks for creating FAR TREK and the wonderful material, it will continue to serve me and my gaming group well. :)

  2. Glad I ordered extra copies and the print adventure then.
    I am really looking forward to trying Far Trek with my group. TOS/TAS has long been my favorite Trek and FT captures it well.

    I can understand where you are coming from.

  3. Came back and ordered another two copies of the rules and I'm glad I did. I understand but hope to see more Far Trek down the road...

  4. None of the three boxes for reaction cover what I'm feeling: Sadness

    I didn't grab a paper copy this time so I'm glad I took the opportunity last time. Thanks for your time and effort producing this game.

  5. :(

    New missions will go on, but you will be missed. Thanks for bringing this to life!

  6. Another thank you for all your effort in bringing Far Trek to us. Good luck on your future voyages.

    P.S. My books arrived today and I think the Far Trek cover in particular looks great!


  7. So any chance of a Far Trek G+ community??

  8. Thanks all for the support and kind words. Per request I did start a G+ site for Far Trek you can check it out here:

  9. In the late '80s when we were in the middle of what would become Last Frontier: The Vesuvius Incident we heard that there was going to be a professionally-designed Aliens game, so we stopped work. When it was released later that summer we discovered we really didn't like it at all, so we started up again. You might find yourself in a similar place -- Far Trek has very different design sensibilities from almost everything else that came before it.

    1. Thanks very much Neal for sharing the great life lesson--and thanks for the Last Frontier game--it is a fantastic design and I love playing it! Really captures the ALIENS vibe best of any game that has tried!

  10. Why not put it up on Lulu from time to time for people to snag that may be late to the party? Or at least put it up one last time so we can buy extra copies for the future.

    Thanks for your contributions!

    Live long and prosper.

  11. Hey, we posted our FAR TREK actual play today. You can find it at

  12. Dang! You really nailed it with Far Trek, though. I can understand calling a timeout after a uniquely Kirk-like period of time.

    Curious to see what the new TV series and RPG are going to bring. Maybe they'll spark off another round of cool homebrews?

  13. Hey Mike, thanks again for WNMHGB-It is a fantastic game! I too am looking forward to Star Trek Discovery especially as it is set 10 years before TOS!!! Who knows what inspiration it may provide for future endeavors! Live long and prosper my friend!

  14. Sadly I missed this post by just a few days after the cut-off.

    I'm still looking or a print copy with the art, so if anyone has an extra copy, feel free to contact me at emu2020-at-comcast-dotcom.



  15. wow.. just found this.. will need to keep a look out myself;)

  16. Hi Mike, I’m sorry to hear that you are no longer supporting Far Trek. I was wondering if you would mind if I picked up the legacy. I really enjoyed working on the current edition and would love to add to it.

    Darren Bulmer