Saturday, July 23, 2016


NOW is you chance to order a physical paperback copy of version of both Far Trek and the adventure compilation The Danger of Peace! 

These are offered at NO PROFIT to me!

To make this even MORE amazing? LULU has a 30% OFF coupon LULU30--enter it at check out to save more!!

While you are there please consider one of my other games (you are getting a 30% off discount on your order) or if you want to buy a brother a beer to say thanks and keep your karma good? You can certainly donate to the beer fund, see the donate link to your right on this page.

These are offered for a VERY LIMITED TIME--and will be pulled without notice.

Keep on Trekkin'


  1. Thanks Brandon, I ordered a pair of each the Far Trek rules and the 2in1 adventure. One set is a gift for a friend. I also finally picked up a copy of HOW!!! Can't wait to give it a run with the family.

  2. Thanks very much for the support Mighty Eroc, very much appreciated, and I hope you like HOW as much as FT!

  3. Done, and thanks for the work.

  4. Ordered! I've always missed this in the past! Thanks!

  5. Umm...I just went to purchase both books and had them in my shopping cart and suddenly they disappeared from the site before I could purchase them. WTH?

  6. Great. I guess I missed out again. I guess I will just have to wait on Modiphius' new game and give them my cash.

  7. I miss it every time. I never find out till it is too late. At this point I guess I will just save my cash for the Modiphius game and give up on this product.

    I literally had the items in my shopping bag on Lulu and was checking out when suddenly they disappeared and I was left dumbfounded.