Saturday, August 30, 2014

Hello it's been awhile

Yes indeed the Far Trek mission is still an active one although I can understand why you may not think so!  I've been very busy with my fantasy game HEROES & OTHER WORLDS as well as having published a new version of my other SciFi game ROGUE SPACE.  As just a one guy effort (with a busy life outside of writing) it's all a matter of finding the time.

Yes, there will be a revised and expanded Far Trek at some point.  I want to add in Klingons and Romulans as playable as well as some other bits.  I ran a series of Klingon episodes aboard the IKS Wrath and damn if that wasn't a good time. A good time you should get a chance to experience!

So I do apologize, these things take time and that is one luxury item I seem to have in short supply. Thanks for playing, thanks for your patience and I can assure you we are still open.

Note, I updated the downloads link to use Mediafire as the host.  Works great, less spam!