Monday, December 17, 2012

Into Darkness

Note Klingons will also be appearing in this film...

Saturday, December 8, 2012


Okay Far Trekkers, if you are like me, and woe to you for being so, you WANT miniatures from TOS.  Sure there are overly expensive FASA figs you might find...but certainly not enough to actually play with.

You have $30? Sure you do, or you know how to get it by selling of some of the game books you will never use again.  Got your $30? go here...seriously GO!

 Beam your punk ass over at warp factor 5 and get the coolest and best holiday gift that no one else will think of for you, nor will they ever find it.

I personally own them and can attest to their goodness. YES they are 15mm and they are small and that means they are quick and easy to paint! Lots of them on the table and you can still game! Your Far Trek game will never be the same!

This is MY Trekmas gift to you, knowledge! To not go would be...illogical.