Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Beamed away...

Sorry for those who missed it, but the chance to get a physical copy has beamed away.  At some point there may be another chance with a different cover, but for now, please download the complete game PDF for free as well as the first Far Trek adventure.

To those who kindly bought a brother a beer, thanks very much I do truly appreciate it!

Keep on Trekking!

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Keep calm and boldly go!

Happy Birthday to Gene Roddenberry, the creator of Star Trek!  Thanks for all the inspiration and imagination!  Although the "Great Bird of the Galaxy" passed away in 1991, his creation still lives on and inspires millions around the world.

You can now download the complete game rules in PDF form for free!! Not only that--but the first Far Trek adventure is also a free download as well in the downloads!

I very much appreciate those who chipped in to buy a brother a beer, and if you enjoy Far Trek, feel free to chip in some beer money too Trekking is thirsty work!

Thanks again to Darren Bulmer for helping to expand and edit this edition of Far Trek and Joe Walerko for all his assistance in editing this edition.

With over 4600 downloads of the original, I sure hope you will enjoy this newly revised, expanded and edited edition!

Monday, August 17, 2015

Back from sickbay

Michele Specht as Dr. Elise McKennah in Star Trek Continues
The new version 2 edit of Far Trek is available for download NOW!

Thanks to Darren Bulmer and Joe Walerko this edit should be a much better version.  Can't say its perfect--but it is (hopefully) much better and should act as the final guts of the physical book...coming THIS WEEK!

Thanks for your support and hope you like the game.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015


4000+ downloads of the new Far Trek edition!  WOW!  

Well I hope some of you down loaders would be interested in a new Far Trek yahoo group!  Michael Taylor has set one up to discuss alternate rules, equipment and to share adventures!

In that spirit, I'd like folks to consider if they'd like to submit their stuff to me and I could put it together a free download 'zine called Trekking for us all to enjoy! Any interest?

The re-edit of Far Trek is nearly done as is the first adventure--which will also be a free download.

As to the physical version?

I give you this warning--it will be available sometime next week! 

Again it will be up for a LIMITED time (about 24 hours) and this cover version will not be available again!

Note, I make NO PROFIT from this you are buying at production cost from Lulu.

Last, a heartfelt thanks to the kind souls who bought me a beer.  I managed to get a whole case of Shiner Black thanks to you!  I appreciate your kindness as writing is thirsty work and my wife assures putting up with my crazy game stuff deserves a fine beer or two as well! Grateful for your kindness!

Keep on Trekking!

Friday, August 7, 2015

Meanwhile back on the bridge...

Less than 1 day left to vote for the print version cover you like, although at this point it seems a forgone conclusion!

In the meantime, Joe Walerko took the time to lend his expert technical writing and editing eye to Far Trek and I am currently re-editing the rule set.  In addition, thanks to a good critical review from Michael Taylor, I am making some additional tweaks. This includes adding creature images where I could find them.

Lastly, I am editing an adventure for Far Trek--it won't be in the book, but will be a free download and if all works out it should be ready in August.

If you are near Las Vegas the Official Star Trek Convention is happening now--so beam on over and check it out!

Keep on Trekking!

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Port or Starboard and a review!

Above are two of the "retro" covers I am considering when the print version goes up. Note the print will only be available for order for a VERY LIMITED (less than 1 day) time period and I make NO profit from it. Also once that cover is printed and done, it will never be back...

Let me know if either of these are interesting to you and if so which one Port (left) or Starboard (right).

Vote in the "I prefer " poll to your right to make your opinion count.

Michale Taylor has posted a good critical review of Far Trek, check it out here.

Keep on Trekkin'