Friday, August 7, 2015

Meanwhile back on the bridge...

Less than 1 day left to vote for the print version cover you like, although at this point it seems a forgone conclusion!

In the meantime, Joe Walerko took the time to lend his expert technical writing and editing eye to Far Trek and I am currently re-editing the rule set.  In addition, thanks to a good critical review from Michael Taylor, I am making some additional tweaks. This includes adding creature images where I could find them.

Lastly, I am editing an adventure for Far Trek--it won't be in the book, but will be a free download and if all works out it should be ready in August.

If you are near Las Vegas the Official Star Trek Convention is happening now--so beam on over and check it out!

Keep on Trekking!


  1. If it's alright with you Chris, I'm hoping to do a few more optional rules for the game that I'll publish on a blog as well :)

    Glad it's coming along well for us. Have to admit I loved contributing.

    1. Darren thanks again for all your help in making the new edition of Far Trek so great!! Send me a link to your blog so I can make sure fellow Trekkers catch all your great ideas!