Wednesday, August 12, 2015


4000+ downloads of the new Far Trek edition!  WOW!  

Well I hope some of you down loaders would be interested in a new Far Trek yahoo group!  Michael Taylor has set one up to discuss alternate rules, equipment and to share adventures!

In that spirit, I'd like folks to consider if they'd like to submit their stuff to me and I could put it together a free download 'zine called Trekking for us all to enjoy! Any interest?

The re-edit of Far Trek is nearly done as is the first adventure--which will also be a free download.

As to the physical version?

I give you this warning--it will be available sometime next week! 

Again it will be up for a LIMITED time (about 24 hours) and this cover version will not be available again!

Note, I make NO PROFIT from this you are buying at production cost from Lulu.

Last, a heartfelt thanks to the kind souls who bought me a beer.  I managed to get a whole case of Shiner Black thanks to you!  I appreciate your kindness as writing is thirsty work and my wife assures putting up with my crazy game stuff deserves a fine beer or two as well! Grateful for your kindness!

Keep on Trekking!


  1. Man, Lulu sure is fantastic! They are the reason one of the smaller scale RPG publishers I follow can reprint some of their old books. Great that even something like this can get a physical release.

  2. Is this going to be available as a downloadable file we send to Lulu, or a direct link to print? The reason I ask is funds are short this week until payday (got two kids returning to college this week).

    1. Direct link to lulu, you only pay production cost and shipping (I make NO profit).

      I estimate it should total something in the $10 range total (with mail shipping) to the US as a total--that is an estimate not a firm price quotation.