Monday, October 10, 2011

Far Trek Levels and Long term play

I had a question today regarding the lack of levels in the Far Trek.  (note experience is described on pg 34)

In general finishing an episode (adventure) gives you 1 XP you can spend to add a +1 bonus to a skill you have, or add a new skill to your character.  This is great for short term play, but in  long term play-it blows up.

If you plan on a campaign I'd recommend the following:

Improving a skill: The cost equals the new level +1 XP.  So if you are going from level 2 to level 3 in a skill, it would be 4XP (3 for the new level +1)  Learning a new skill costs 2xp points.

Double the ability price for a new one to 8xp and use the same "new level +1 price" when pricing to increase abilities.

The reason for no levels in the game is because the game assumes players are all important crew members on board already like Spock, McCoy, Kirk, Scotty, etc.

So what to do in a long term game to reward and motivate players? One word: Ships.

In my own game, I used ships as a "level" device.  As the players increased in "level", they got promoted to a new (to them) and bigger ship.  So start them on a small scientific research ship and let them earn their way into bigger ships! That's the best and most "tangible" reward for players in the Far Trek Universe.  A good referee makes sure its a blessing...and a curse! :)

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Captain's Log

Son of a green blooded hobgoblin--another damn blog from this guy? Seriously doesn't he have a life? a wife? and a crazy schedule job?

Indeed sir.  Even so...

I don't know how active this blog will be but I intend to use it as a repository for all Far Trek pictures, posts, and other bits of interest related to Far Trek as a come across them.

I would hope the Far Trek RPG will inspire YOU to create and submit some adventures or other cool bits!  I'll do what I can when I can but with a ton of different projects in mind and being juggled...this blog will be updated as I am able or inspired.

So in the interest of inspiration what would you like to see?  Maybe nothing because the rules are enough? I don't know-but I hope you will let me know.

Live Long and Prosper.