Saturday, August 30, 2014

Hello it's been awhile

Yes indeed the Far Trek mission is still an active one although I can understand why you may not think so!  I've been very busy with my fantasy game HEROES & OTHER WORLDS as well as having published a new version of my other SciFi game ROGUE SPACE.  As just a one guy effort (with a busy life outside of writing) it's all a matter of finding the time.

Yes, there will be a revised and expanded Far Trek at some point.  I want to add in Klingons and Romulans as playable as well as some other bits.  I ran a series of Klingon episodes aboard the IKS Wrath and damn if that wasn't a good time. A good time you should get a chance to experience!

So I do apologize, these things take time and that is one luxury item I seem to have in short supply. Thanks for playing, thanks for your patience and I can assure you we are still open.

Note, I updated the downloads link to use Mediafire as the host.  Works great, less spam!


  1. Chris, this is exciting news. I just got hold of Far Trek recently, making the leap from Where No Man Has Gone Before. I really appreciate your take on it; it's just the right flavor. Unfortunately, there are still some basic things that are unclear to me and have kept me from being able to play, that seem to be holdovers from WNMHGB (Field Medic heals hit points?!; levels don't seem to be in the game but are mentioned under Advancement). So a revised Far Trek would be very welcome.

    (As an aside, I've just learned through your post about your other games, specifically Heroes & Other Worlds. I went over to Lulu and checked it over and it seems great. You have hit on the games that I most fondly remember as inspirations for your game. I'm definitely going to get it!)

    1. Thanks SF for the support! Far Trek is a labor of love so I am looking forward to making it better! Heroes is also a labor of love, I just make 'em the way I play 'em. Glad to see other folks enjoy them too!

  2. Looking forward to the revised Far Trek!

  3. Great, Chris!!!!! Thank you very much for this log waited new edition of Far Trek :D
    Just after tomorrow we start the Dominion War campaign with Far Trek! ;)
    Keep up the good work :)

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  5. Chris, but in what does it differ this revised edition from the previous one?

    1. Hey Scarecrow, glad to hear you have a cool campaign kicking off! Dominion War? EPIC!!

      As to what will be revised? A general clean-up and clarification is in order and I'd like to add in some extended bits about Klingons and Romulans as well as being able to design and play characters/adventures using these races. So I would not look for major changes or a "Next Generation" instead, more of a continuing voyages refit.

      In addition, I might make a print copy (sans art) available on lulu at print cost (non-profit) for those who (like me) still like having a hard copy of their gaming books. That is still TBD

  6. Well, yesterday we've played the first session of Star Trek DS9 with Far Trek rules.
    Being accustomed to Decipher, it has been easy to us to play with this new system :)
    I had to create specially my Bolian Operations Officer, then I've created the Bolian template and the Operations Officer profession, a middle way between the Red and the Gold shirt.

    Bolian race:
    +1 DX, -1 ST
    Species Talent:
    - Coordinator: +4 to Aid Another Character.
    - Selfless: regain 1 Fate Point when he puts at risk his life to save others.

    Operations Officer (Red+Gold shirt training):
    Red Shirt Skills: Communications, Starship Engineering.
    Gold Shirt Skills: Starship Combat.

    Today I must work to create other Race templates for 24th century (Bethazoids, Cardassians, Ferengi, Bajorians and so on) and I must define an important feature of Far Trek: being set, this one, in the TOS era, the game is centered around the "colored shirts" only; it lacks the "no shirts" templates of possible character roles as Merchant (Quark?), Diplomat (Sarek?), Soldier (Kahn, MACOs or, in other ways, the Starfleet Elite Forces), Mystic, Scientist and so on.
    For these roles I could figure it out that the General Skills are adequate; I should create few special skills suitable for every specific "no shirt" category; the 2 Talents can be choosen among the General Talents and a specific list for every of the above mentioned new templates.

    As regard the rules we have found two major bugs, Fenway:
    - Fate Points at pag. 9 are described as re-roll dice or negate damage while at pag. 33 they can be used to add +3 to any roll etc. or negate death. Uhm...
    - In the 24th century we have felt the need of a System Operations skill to operate the tricorder or, generally, the computer the search for informations or clues. And also an Inquire or Investigare skills could be needed for investigative adventures because we have found difficulties in extrapolating these abilities by the few offered by Far Trek rules.

  7. Hey Scarecrow, first thanks for sharing your great DS9 takes of Far Trek stuff, love to see this kind of creativity! Thanks also for helping point out additional chances to improve the rules. I appreciate it and will makes fixes/improvements. As to Fate, the p9 rules are the right ones.

  8. Hi Chris, other two probable misprints:
    1) Breakthrough (blue shirt talent, page 22): "[...] in addition to any Fate Points spent by other players (or yourself) to boost their own skill rolls". But have you established that the Fate Point rule is that of page 9 and not page 33? The Fate Point allows to reroll the dice, not to add bonuses.
    2) Field Medic (blue shirt talent, page 23): "[...] The amount healed is equal to half the character's lost hit points". In Far Trek the caharacters hasn't hit points so how to heal them? Maybe the Field Medic talent allows to regain one health level per Fate Point spent? i.e., spending 1 Fate Point to a character with a health level of TN14, allows him to check the next time at TN 11 (page 13 or see my character's sheet proposal).

    1. Thanks very much, I appreciate your giving me additional feed back and specific examples on areas to be revised and cleared up!

  9. Hi Chris. In our last session we have landed on the planet with an escort of two Red Shirts. For their details I've checked them using the table at page 27 ("The Random Red Shirt Tables") but for some skill bonuses I've tried to search in the "Ordinaries" section at page 65. There you speak about three variants: Face in the Crowd, Generic Crew Member, Goon.
    Goons and A Face In The Crowd are explained at page 67 while I've not found any reference to Generic Crew Member.

  10. I am looking forward to your PoD version of Far Trek!

    Years ago I had ordered the first version from Lulu - but the shipment got lost.
    When I tried to order it a second time it was pulled from Lulu and no longer available... bummer.

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  11. Chris, just wondering how the second edition of Far Trek is going? Love this game and would be happy to help out in any way I can.


    1. Hey Darren thanks for your kind offer of help! Right now works is busier than ever and my little free time is spent working on my fantasy game Heroes & Other Worlds. Far Trek revision is still happening but my time is limited to actually work on it...but like the proverbial turtle, progress may be slow but reaching the destination is assured. Thanks for your support and patience!