Sunday, July 21, 2013

TOS: Through Fresh Eyes

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A recently stumbled across a series of older blog posts from Glenn Greenberg.  In it he re-watches all TOS episodes with his young daughter, adding his own and her commentary to select episodes from each season.  A fun read and worth your time I think.


  1. Hi,

    I'd just like to say that I really like what you've done with Far Trek. I've been in the process of creating a few optional rules, and was wondering if you would like to take a look at them. I think an optional rules, or even a 2nd edition would be a great idea.

    Darren Bulmer

  2. Hey Darren,

    Yes indeed a 2nd edition is in my line up of things to do! I would be happy to have your suggestions or optional rules to include in a 2nd edition. Feel free to send them and glad you dig the game!


  3. Chris, great work with Far Trek!!!
    I've played for several years with the Decipher system but, growing up with all related problems of work, family and so on, it has become too difficult to manage so complex rules' systems.
    After having read your work I literally go crazy for Far Trek, a fast, cinematic system of rules to play our favorite universe in a storytelling way and without too many formulas and mechanics.
    I've found Far Trek an ultralight version of the Decipher system and I appreciate this, having played the latter for years.
    Keep up the good work, Chris, and I hooe to see more news about Far Trek and, well, a 2nd edition will be welcome! ;)

    1. Credit where it is due as Far Trek is based on the d20 RPG by Mike Berkey "Where no One had Gone Before" he is the true genius and the inspired creator, I just tweaked and adapted Mike's great work to a leaner play style.

      I REALLY appreciate that you dig Far Trek! Yes a 2nd edition is STILL on my to do list...I just need time to do it!! Glad to hear your inspired t play so keep on Trekking!