Friday, June 17, 2016

Words are not Deeds

Saladin Class Destroyer by Dave Metletis
The second Far Trek adventure, Words are Not Deeds, is now available for free PDF download. I converted an adventure written by Roget Taylor II over to the Far Trek system.

This makes a good follow up to the adventure Be not Afraid and takes place along the Klingon Neutral Zone.

Both adventure will be compiled into a NON-PROFIT printing called The Danger of Peace. This will be made available when the next NON-PROFIT opportunity for a printed book version of Far Trek occurs in July.   

Both non-profit books will be available in printed version for an extremely limited time.

Keep on trekkin'.


  1. What does the "NA ed" of the rules mean? Thanks!

    1. It's the mark for the limited art version

  2. My sensors are still scanning.....