Saturday, June 11, 2016

The Danger of Peace

I am converting another excellent adventure by Roger Taylor II over to Far Trek. It works as a follow up to Be Not Afraid as it takes place along the Federation Border with the Klingons.

I still use my own default vessel from my game the Saladin Class destroyer U.S.S. Xenophon, but I assume most people just use/ create their own.

I am considering combining Be Not Afraid and the new adventure into one little dual adventure module titled The Danger of Peace. If it comes together as a printed version, it would be offered at NO PROFIT to me--and a one time opportunity to get physical copy. The PDF's would of course remain free downloads separately.



  1. Most excellent, dual adventure book is a great idea!

  2. Yes please! Maybe even make it part of the Far Trek book?

    1. The reason I want to have it separate is some may already have the FT rule book and I do not want someone to re-buy the whole book just to get the adventures. Also it would be easier to run the adventure when it is separate from the main rule book so you can reference both at the same time...of course YMMV.

    2. Fair enough, but if you buy multiple printed copies of the book that issue is solved! ;)

      How about a Sourcebook on Xenophon? I've written a crew generation program and I'm thinking of just going ahead and preparing the whole ship in advanace. The blueprints are here:

    3. Thanks Michael!

      Wow killer blueprint--that is awesome!! Crew generator program--SWEET!! A U.S.S. Xenophon source book? do you have a sample of one you could point me to? Thank you for your continued support! sir!

    4. Well, I was kind of thinking along the line's of "Mr. Scott's Guide to the Enterprise" ( or MegaTraveller's Starships (

      It doesn't much matter for the command crew, but for ensigns I thought it would be neat to have a book that goes into detail about day-to-day life on a starship. What the schedules are like, what the people in the different departments do, that kind of thing.

      That's what the crew-generator was for - to have a full list of the crew and their personalities all read to go for when I needed them.

      By the way, the one thing missing from the crew generator is appearance tables for the Star Trek aliens - Andorians, Tellerites, Vulcans, etc. If anyone has ever seen them or come up with them, that would be really handy! tHANKS!

  3. Sounds like a brilliant idea to me. Make it so. :)