Monday, December 28, 2015


Michael Taylor has posted a document converting core elements of FASA's Star Trek to Far Trek!!

Holy crap what a labor of love and what an incredible resource.

So head on over to Michael's Far Trek Yahoo group and download his conversion PDF file. ..and while you are there, why not join his Far Trek group?!

I look forward to reading over Michael's work it really appears to be an epic resource-kudos to you Michael and thanks for sharing!


  1. This is great, seeing as I just so happen to have come into possession of a boxed copy.

  2. I'm sure that's a nice resource, and since I kept all my FASA stuff from back inthe day... However, I won't crate a Yahoo account and become a member of Michael's group, just so I can download one PDF. Ain't there another way to link to this?

  3. I can't join the group. Any other place this PDF can be obtained?

  4. Why people don't use easier to access download facilities instead of Yahoo is beyond me.

  5. Is there anybody who obtained the PDF in question and would be willing to share it another way than over a group that denies access?