Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Trek fun

While only the cover on the far left is possible, I thought it was fun to see some alternative options.

Also the notion of modifying and using the old TOPPS Star Trek collector card wrapper as the cover would be fun.

So while there will be a limited opportunity to buy a hard copy version (at production cost/not for profit) it will not be a hard back book--but a soft cover book, 6x9 sized. 

Keep on trekking!

 Emmaliene as Femme Kirk |  Paingu as Femme Spock | Yari as Femme Scotty |  Mimi Reaves as Janice Rand | Photo: Dale Leung


  1. . . . tragedy that the one on the far right isn't useable because it's damnably compelling. It hits that sweet spot of instantly recognizable as the TOS crew but through an alt-universe filter. The one on the left works, quite well, but it's the one on the right . . . well, it's not so much a cover as a mission statement.

    1. Thanks!

      The far right artist is Ben Smith who has a number of similar TOS (and STNG) illustartions. They are damn fine stuff!


  2. Well. crap. My wallet kind of wishes you hadn't sent me that link. The walls of my apartment ARE kinda bare in spots . . .

    Also, an addendum I should have included before: speaking as someone who is liable to go for the POD option I'm in wholehearted support of the 6 x 9 size. It might not be the RPG core standard but I've seen it explode in popularity with the self-publishing RPG crowd and I've got enough examples of 'em on my bookshelves to appreciate the savings in space, cost and usability (seriously, MUCH easier to chuck in a satchel bag or pocket and go without risking ruining the binding or edges). Plus they end up looking quite at home next to my Traveller LBB's.

    1. Yes indeed Ben's illustrations are FANTASTIC--I am resisting the pull--for now, but I do know I will have to get at least one!

      All the RPG's I make (Heroes & Other Worlds, Rogue Space, Far Trek, etc.) use the 6x9 size. I prefer the size to pack along to games and for easy use at the table. Second it is not an intimidating size (compared to the 8.5 x 11 standard) so the game looks "easier" to learn and play by virtue of being smaller to new people. (Most) Gamers like the smaller size for portability.

      I did some feedback from people before deciding on a size for my games and by 3 to 1, the 6x9 size was preferred.

      Thanks for your support!

  3. Now that the POD is not available anymore, will it be possible to get the cover picture in high definition to print it ourself ?
    I really love the game and I definitly need a prnted copy for myself.

  4. I have a new cover in the bullpen just waiting on the right moment to release it...