Sunday, June 28, 2015

Old School Trekking

The original version of Far Trek comes in at about 90 pages loaded with art.  The current revised edition is 144 pages with minimal art.

So there are substantial additions although the majority is in the Appendices.

There are lots of new races, new creatures, new classes and expanded options for playing as Klingons or Romulans.

A couple new ships added (Bird of Prey baby!) and some general clean-up and clarifications that should make it easier to understand and play.

If you are looking for TOS era inspirations while you are waiting I can recommend the Vanguard series of novels---or the newly released FREE series Four Years War novels (based on the old FASA ST:RPG supplement) from Stephen A. Fender.

Mr. Fender has a new kickstarter for a Romulan War novel series and a Four Year War Tech Manual!

Two Cover ideas: 70's style (left) and 80's style (right)--any thoughts?


  1. I REALLY love this cover. You should got with this for the limited edition hard copy.

  2. Thanks guys, it is a fair bit of old school cool I think!

  3. 70's style on the left. The words "FAR" and "Trek" need to be closer together in both versions though--the kerning it too wide between the words.

    1. Excellent feedback sir--thank you, much appreciated!!

  4. I really like that left hand cover, 70's style.

  5. 70's for pdf, 80's for a hard cover. :)

  6. Both are great covers, though I prefer the 70's one. Also, I agree with the comment above regarding the kerning of the title.