Saturday, April 25, 2015

what's up?

I know, I know...when is this freaking 2.0 edition EVAH going to come out? With a lot of great feedback there are changes to be made--but mostly I want to add in additional material like Klingons as playable, Romulans as playable, and merchants and traders.  So there is still stuff to be written, new skills added and of course clarifications in the original rule set.  I may also have a NO PROFIT print copy made available through Lulu--you'd just pay printing cost of a copy, to be clear I make NO money at all.

These are the two different covers in consideration for Far Trek 2.0--let me know if either one strikes you as better than the other.

Boldly go my friends!


  1. Sweet! I love fan-made labours of love!

  2. The Black cover. I like the White too, but I see it getting dirty quickly.

  3. That's a really hard decision. I love the white, but I think the black looks better. As a compromise, perhaps the black cover with the with Command Department logo in white on it?

    1. I will have to give that look a try, thanks for the feedback!