Sunday, April 26, 2015


Here is a potential list of general skills, anything missing?

General Skills
Armed Melee Skilled use of hand to hand weapons in combat
Arts Painting, singing, writing, acting, instruments, etc.
Athletics Expert at a sport and can be used in physical challenges
Computers Ability to gather data, create programs, or hack systems
Driving Steer wheeled, tracked, or hover vehicles.
Electronics Use, repair and construction of electronic devices
Interrogate Use charm or threats to gather information from another
Investigate Find clues or hidden things, notice small details, connect data points
Knowledge Specific subject expert: literature, history, geography, alien race, etc.
Language Speaking a language other than your own
Marksmanship Using ranged weapons in combat
Piloting Shuttles, planes, etc.
Streetwise Surviving in an urban environment, knowing where to get things
Subterfuge Use stealth, sticky fingers, and guile to get what you want
Survival Staying alive in harsh environments
Unarmed Melee Hand to hand fighting without weapons


  1. Looks fine. I added Observation to my general skill list, but I think Investigate does that and more.

    I've added a new skill to the Blue Shirt List. Sensors: Operation, interpreting readings, locating cloaked vessels, jam and unjam sensors. I think it's a much needed skill that's been missing. Please feel free to add it to the new edition.

    I've also created a few new General Talents, if you'd like to see those.


    1. Hey I'd love to see those amigo--sounds great!!

    2. Here you go :)

      You are able to learn a skill from another shirt colour that is not your own. This new skill starts at +1 and is then improved normally. Each time this talent is taken you may choose a new skill from another shirt colour.

      You have transferred from your starting shirt colour to a new one, and may now choose talents and skills from the new list and improve them as normal. Any skills that you had from your previous shirt colour may still be improved, but you cannot take new skills from your old shirt colour without first taking the Cross Training talent.

      This talent is normally restricted to Vulcans. When a Vulcan is seriously injured or ill, they may voluntarily enter a trance-like state where their body focuses directly on healing at the expense of everything else. In a healing trance, a Vulcan may reduce their Unconsciousness TN by a maximum of their ST bonus per hour regardless of where they are. This allows a Vulcan to recover from injury very quickly, but this talent comes at a price. Once they have recovered fully, a Vulcan must be forced from the healing trance, normally through the effects of sudden and sharp pain, such as being slapped forcefully in the face. This allows a Vulcan to make a ST check at TN 11 to withdraw from the trance. Failing the test does allow another attempt, but each attempt is at the next higher TN. If a Vulcan fails to awaken from the healing trance, they will slowly die from dehydration and starvation.

      You are able to use your personal charms and good looks to effect the members of the opposite sex or those that are attracted to you). Whenever you use Subterfuge (Guile) you gain a +2. The downside of this Talent is that the subject of your subterfuge attempt may very well fall in love with you and become more trouble than what they are worth.

      There you go Chris. Again, please feel free to use them in the new edition. I think they're not bad (if I do say so myself *grin*)

  2. Hey those are really good--the cross training "best of all worlds" is the only one that I am a bit iffy about..but I think Departmental Transfer achieves the same thing with a more definitive cut--although I would not allow previous shirt skills to be improved any longer.

    1. Thanks Chris. That's high praise. I would love to see the ones you like in the new edition :)

    2. Me too!! :) And there is a Special Citizen (no shirt) class being created as well as a Merchant Class being added too.

    3. Fantastic! Chris, if you need a hand with any of this, let me know. I love these rules and would love to help out :)

    4. Give me an email and I will shoot you the two new "beta classes" to take a look at...

    5. mancerbear at hotmail dot com