Monday, July 23, 2012

At the barrier

Well Far Trek has had 1 year of service.  I have had multiple emails regarding fixing some issues, clarifying some vagueness and in general making it better.

I am pleased to say an updated version is in the works.  Note these are evolutionary changes rather than revolutionary. 

One consideration is either adding into the rules, or as a unified supplement rules to allow play as/in the Klingon  and Romulan empries.  I will not be writing epic details or full race/empire books...but there would be enough grist for Far Trek play. 

If you have any comments, issues, or suggestions now is your chance.

I do not have a timeline for completion so I appreciate your patience.


  1. In most rpg's photon torpedo's do less damage than phasers. But if you look at the desctiprions for torps they are supposed to be te heavy weapon of the universe. I was wondering if doubling or tripling the damage factor for them might make them a scarier proposition?

    1. Hi Chris, I will have to play with it a bit and see! Thanks for the suggestion!

  2. I've played allot of Starfleet Battles, Full Thrust, and a host of other space based miniature games. In these the photon torpedo is more powerful than the phasers but are usually limited in both range and in the number of shots due to the fact that they are like a cannon shell a physical device rather than an energy weapon run off engine power.

  3. That's how I see them too Don...Once I finish 2 other game designs, Far Trek gets a full attention edit.

    Thank for your feedback!