Sunday, December 11, 2011

Cool Trek Stuff

Well I haven't heard from anyone actually playing Far Trek since I released it, but I hope someone is enjoying it.  Quite a bit of TOS stuff out there recently, so here is some you may have missed:

Mongoose Publishing is making a new  Star Fleet Miniatures game and releasing a ton of cool minis to support it.

Wiz Kids released Star Trek Expeditions and a  Fleet Captains Trek game earlier this year and they are now doing a collectible Trek minis game.

And of course Amarillo Design Bureau keeps cranking out the Starfleet Universe games.  I love the passion and great work ADB has done in staying faithful too and expanding TOS.  I just wish you didn't have to have a math PhD and a whole weekend to enjoy it.  Great source material, but overly complicated and obtuse rules sets kept me from enjoying it...and before you say anything, I don't think Federation Commander is a fix. It's still too overly complicated rules set and ship tracking system.  Even so they make some very cool/inspiring art to support it!


  1. Just a note about the new miniature ships:

    Their individual price is really high on Mongoose's site. I found that the boxed sets of the new 2500 miniatures are a better deal (link here).

  2. Hey, I like Far Trek and it is on my short list of games to play next.

  3. @karnak- that's cool, let me know how it goes!

  4. You know, I love Far Trek...still haven't played it yet, but the group is on hiatus for the hoilidays.

    I used to try to figure out how to fit all the different ST games together...ships from FASA, fighters from SFB, Klingons from John Ford/FASA, blending timelines, etc. After reading Far Trek, I was like, I don't need all of that do I? The ships from Franz Joseph are fine. If I need minis, then ADB has those. I more simple these days. :)

  5. @Anthony-I hear you amigo, gaming time is at a premium these days!

    I felt the same way wanting to jam all the disparate parts from other Trek together...but I agree simple works better and leaves you more flexibility!